Besides LApp, we also provide consulting and implementation services in the areas of logistics and transportation, and ERP solutions to organizations who value actionable solutions that deliver results.

Barcoding Systems

If you are a SME who wants to introduce barcode to your products/packages but lacks the know-how and resources, we can offer barcoding solutions to you based on your business needs and budget. We can also help you set up an event capture and tracking system for your consignments. If desired, we can populate your ERP system with your consignment status data.

ERP Solutions

We offer cost-effective ERP solutions for SMEs. Our ERP systems are proven and being used by many clients for more than 10 years. They are excellent alternatives to large and expensive systems in the market. There is no reason you should be denied access to a cost-efficient ERP system. You too can capitalize on it and take your organization to a new technological and quality level.


Our approach to consulting is pragmatic. We believe no one is an expert in everything. We do not hire a large crew of consultants to provide expertise in many areas and charge our overheads to our clients. Rather, our approach is to engage only the relevant subject-matter experts based upon project needs. We have a network of consultants whom we work with who are experts in their own field. We believe it is the most effective approach from solution quality and cost standpoints; only by leveraging on the know-how of the right experts, can we provide optimal solutions to our clients at the right cost.

Scope of our consulting projects typically comprises:

  • Operations Assessment and Process Mapping
    • - We diagnose your existing operations via process mapping and present our findings

  • Process Optimization and Value Stream Mapping
    • - We help you streamline your process by eliminating wastes in your operations, and map the value stream for your organization

  • Operations and Capacity Modeling
    • - We create a capacity model for you based on your value stream map. We can also help you size up your capital investment plan for your budgeting purpose

  • Proposal Implementation
    • - We execute and project-manage implementation plan if required; we do not walk away with only a proposal.