Why LApp?


Modularized and integrated functions


Simple screen layout and friendly user-interface


Configurable operations events based on user's requirements

Easy Integration

Easy integration of Proof-of-Delivery and operations events into new/legacy systems


Provides immediate visibility of captured events to stakeholders


Monitors and controls delivery operations via systematized process and tools


Provides pragmatic and effective productivity solutions and tools

Operations Excellence

Drives towards operations excellence via quality procedures such as delivery reconciliation, KPI reporting, audit trail, etc.

  • Proof-of-Delivery
    • Captures consignee's signature and provide proof-of-delivery in real-time. Captures delivery exceptions such as “Not In”, “Invalid Address”, etc.

  • User-defined Event Capture
    • Defines, customizes and captures user-defined operations events to provide maximum visibility to shipment movement.

  • Expert's Routing
    • Optimizes delivery routing with “Expert's Routing” tool by clustering & sequencing deliveries based on proven routings and on-road experience.

  • Smart Run Sheet
    • Improves productivity with “Smart Run Sheet” by sorting, highlighting, filtering and prioritizing deliveries.

  • Navigation
    • Navigates to delivery location via GPS navigation.

  • Closed-Loop Delivery Transfer
    • Reconciles dispatched/transferred packages from one party to another via a systematized “closed-loop transfer” process.

  • Call and Messaging
    • Calls or sends SMS to consignee directly from Run Sheet – does away with error-prompt manual entry.

  • Photo-taking
    • Takes photographs at delivery site; provides evidence for delivery attempt.

  • Query and Tracking
    • Tracks consignment and reports its movement status in real time anytime anywhere on internal and external (public) views.

  • Delivery job reconciliation
    • Reconciles delivery job; closes shipment inventory gap.

  • COD deliveries reconciliation
    • Highlights COD deliveries on run sheet and reconciles cash collections.

  • Operations Control
    • Runs KPI reports by user-defined date range; monitors, controls and improves delivery operations.

  • Scalable Operations Management
    • Organizes delivery operations into structured “Operations Platforms”; controls, manages and drives operations towards excellence.

  • Incidents Log
    • Records operations incidents (e.g. missing consignments); captures and assigns accountability by user.

  • Audit Trail
    • Trouble-shoots operations incidents by tracing operations events in audit trail

  • POD report Uploading
    • Uploads POD data via API or FTP at a pre-defined frequency

  • Invoicing
    • Generates POD reports for billing by user-defined date range

  • Reporting
    • Generates various reports for analysis and presentation purposes