Yes. LApp is a global mobile app. It works in any country where there is a 3G or 4G mobile communications network.

LApp is only available for English version at the moment. Chinese, Bahasa Indonesia and other language versions will be made available soon.

Yes. LApp is modular and scalable. You encourage you to deploy only what you need to avoid under-utilizing what you have paid for.

Consignment details such delivery address, consignee name and contact telephone number are typically shown on the delivery run sheet. Other information such as service standard and customer instruction can also be displayed if required.

Yes. LApp can re-schedule delivery to a future time on the same day or beyond.

Yes. LAapp highlights COD on the delivery run sheet and reconciles cash collections at the end of a delivery cycle.

LApp accepts any smart phone running on Android 2.3 and above or iOS. It should be noted that the quality of photographs taken and the ease of barcode scanning will depend on the quality of the phone's camera lens and its CPU processing power. To better utilize LApp, we recommend using a mid-range smart phone or above though low-range model is also usable in general.

No. You have an option of using your smart phone barcode reader to scan and identify the consignment or simply by searching and selecting the correct consignment for delivery via LApp's Smart Run Sheet.

Yes. LApp is built for multi-level delivery operations platform. It allows customers to have full visibility and control over their delivery operations.

Data usage depends on the information you want to capture. If many pictures are captured and transmitted through the mobile communication network, the data cost will be relatively higher. If simple POD information and one or two photographs are transmitted, data usage is typically not high as LApp compresses the size of pictures/images before transmitting them out. We will help you to estimate your data usage based on your information capture requirements.

Yes. LApp makes use of GPS technology to locate and track the movement of the smart phone used by the delivery agents.

There is no practical limit on the number of LApp users.

Yes. LApp can be configured to auto-send delivery status update at a desired frequency.

Yes. It is possible to know the geo-code (GPS location) of the POD capture.

Yes. LApp can be configured to send email/SMS notification to the shipper/consignee on the status of a delivery if the email addresses/mobile phone numbers are available.

Yes. LApp can transfer delivery status data to ERP or WMS system via API (Application Programming Interface) or push/pull FTP file.

LApp can be deployed any time as soon as it is being downloaded from Google Play/App Store with an account assigned to you. To set up an account, please write to

There are various ways to make payment for the use of LApp depending on the country in which you are operating. You can discuss with LApp Consultant on the payment method.