LApp is a suite of mobile logistics apps intended to simplify, facilitate, optimize, and control a delivery operation from Receiving through Delivery, and Return operations. Operations events are systematically captured and uploaded in real-time to provide immediate visibility to shipment movement. It also provides many powerful backend functions to help running a quality delivery operation.

LApp had been tested on tens of thousands of deliveries before it was launched for commercial application. Today LApp is being adopted by companies in even the most stringent environment such as international express delivery in which accuracy and timeliness of data capture and update cannot be compromised.

LApp provides a common global platform for controlling, tracking and managing delivery operations. It runs on both Android and iOS. It is packed with many pragmatic features and tools that will transform a delivery operation from one that is confronted with daily operations issues to a highly respected and sought after delivery powerhouse.

Say good-bye to your operations headache. LApp it to operations excellence!